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17psyche – chargers كلمات اغاني


[intro: fei97]
uhh, i feel it
i got a nang on my d_ck, b_tch

[verse 1: 17psyche]
i make them scream just at a glance
i saw you beam while in a trance
off a bean while they all danced
i end the dream, cause now’s the chance
my old home is now a city
mixed between love and pity
bus girl, very pretty
i don’t care if i’m dumb or witty
my attempts, failed on me
white boy, abercrombie
bought some bud, got it on me
call of duty, we all zombies
only scheme, with my team
we things aren’t, what they seem
i got a charger but not for cream
i got a charger but not for cream

[terence mckenna]
the dissolving of the ego: that is the dissolving of this maladaptive behavior pattern that has made our s_xual and social politics so complicated. in other words, the ego is not a good thing

[verse 2: 17psyche]
i feel like futurama, yeah
we’re on a bender
b_tch i got some paper, yeah
uh, slender
out of body, 3d viewing
like modelling in blender
please don’t hit me up
if i can’t even tell your gender
i shouldn’t go hard, but i do
coming out brand new
close my eyes, i see through
do not try to undo
cause i’m tryna breakthrough (through)
run into the ocean
now i’m ready to start my day (uh)
i got a charger but not for cream
i got a charger but not for cream

[outro: 17psyche & fei97]
_gregorian chanting_
i’m f_cking bricked
_gregorian chanting_