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16raheem – young كلمات اغاني



came up to the places i was never thought be at
seen some people i ain’t seen in years and we recapped
they don’t even understand they can’t believe that we rap
me my brothers we don’t follow trends we just be that

[verse 1]

right inside your living room your couch is where my feet at
never been the one to look for where to find the lead at
i be on my own mission hope that u can see that
writing til’ my thumbs be the place that i bleed at
it ain’t posed to be cliche, this is what i lived
focus on the bag and the rest on the side just like some olive
the same sh_t that hurt me, the same reason i live
if it don’t k!ll you make you stronger than poseidon
underrated drip, sleep on the close like eyelids
i imagine crowds when it’s silent
i live next to austin and i always hear the sirens (i do)
life is like a symphony, i’m ready for the violins
it’s 4 in the morning when i write this
look outside the window and the world is in a crisis

[verse 2]

tryna go the right way control to the absolute
i be working on my music i don’t have an option to
legendary status absolutely never obsolete
i know many shooters if they try me then my opps will leak
yeah, i got a stash and it’s stockpiling
i got a bonus like they never stopped fouling
i’m with my dog what we doin, we just rottweillin’
and i ain’t losing any t__th when i drop knowledge
i gotta go crazy it’s my only option
i walk it, u talk, like malone and stockton
big stepper bring the light to the cold flame
you wanna play watch out this the home game
i drive a honda treat that b____ like a whole beamer
yeah i’m in it when i’m driving like a 2 seater
you know me it’s no structure and it’s only verses
i’m getting payback and i ain’t talking reimburs_m_nt
i’m in every pocket don’t know where your purse is
sh_t spiritual i’m coming with the holy curses
if it’s nothing that i feel, don’t touch it _ then i will (that’s crazy)
i be making dinner look as light as a side meal
you can’t sleep on me wake up or your eyes will
only want the plant and y’all be fiending to find pills
you be dead if you lie still i’m puffing the lye still
touching the bases just like a suicide line drill

17 to be precise
i been planning this concept
i just hope n0body gets it out before i do
dyin’ breed, yeah