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16raheem – legend(s) كلمات اغاني


ian trippin ima get it straight
always found my way to eat don’t need to gimme plates
always working thru the pain dont never need a break
it ain’t never hard to go my way cuz i can see the fakes
they ain’t know i’m comin wit that flame i made eem double take
plain white tee i blend right in, you know you know, i ain’t come to play
you wunt for me i want glory i had to go my other way
this my story feeling like maury i done made a couple greats
i was running i was stuck in place
ski mask i tuck my face
in the cold i go my pace
ima keep it real ima speak that painful truth
unless it’s jakes
we was all at steve they came thru tweakin might gotta jump the gatе
i was tryn keep my head on straight
my bro was drinking that toxic waste
i come thru wit st__z wе do lil show f_ck round and rock the place
i jus throw my bape im on the plane
i covered up my high
he try take advantage for the free so i can’t let em fly
i done seen yo eyes i done heard yo lies
you a demon in disguise
ima let u slide ion got no pride cuz i just care for mine
ion got no time for beef
i know them people talking, stay alone and keep it p
i know the hoes a tell
so we a roll that double tree
i done cut that out i done dropped that gas it’s only 93

uh yea
that when i’m whippin the keys
like what do you want i can send that wire
my lil baby say yes indeed
put away my phone i’m in my zone why can’t u let me be
i really chopped wit legends when i was 17
i really chopped wit legends when i was 17