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156/silence – vexation كلمات اغاني


with displeasure i appease you just to follow your lead
i’m disgusted by my actions almost every day and i don’t need you
you can finally erase all the memories that you have and all the good times you saved
they mean nothing to me at all

bet you bite your tongue

i never f_cking asked for this and you can take it all back with you
you can face this all alone if it’s what you want
i can’t believe i’ve never seen this as it is. are we just a blur?
you just cut, cut, cut, cut me up ‘cause it feels so good
it’s impressively saddening

and i’vе seen pain breed
with all those i’ve come to need

i can’t keep acting likе i’m just a person that doesn’t feel defeat
i compare myself with everything else instead
it’s as pathetic as it feels yet i continue to just embrace
i forget how to forget as i waste my days
its such a f_cking nuisance
and i’m so complacently defenseless to my own hate
it breaks and it throws away
it bludgeons the faith encased
i can’t pretend to save what’s left if there’s anything. it’s all just a f_cking shame
there’s only disappointment
for all those that have entrusted me
and i fear
that the blight has engulfed my frame
will i steer from the vices that resonate?
i am far from perfection
i guess i never gave a f_ck
and i won’t begin to now