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156/silence – high dive in a low well كلمات اغاني


now you’re desperate and you feel so alone
down in the south you feel dead in your bones
nowhere to run to and no one to phone
your time is depleting. your sanity’s wearing thin

i don’t know when you lost the will to live
your time is just spent dissolving yourself away
i feel like i’ve been partaking in all your sins but
i can’t blame myself for your f_ck ups
you’re f_cked up and selfish as sh_t for all the things you’ve done
but i won’t forget. don’t you expect me to
this life is a sentence we’re brought here to endure
i just spit towards you
now i just spit

and for the last time, you are not fine
you crush a hundred lines finely every night
try and end your f_cking life by suicide
you deny, you say you’re alright but you’re so bad at hiding your calamity that i know is still thriving
you could cover it under the suffering just won’t be hushed to sleep
cause’ when the cost caught up i felt the pressure f_cking crush your lungs and deny you a life you could love

links break into nothing
i watched your wings cleaved off of your skin
i saw the ceiling sinking on you and me
i never felt so beneath. now my trust has erased to nothing
you continue to do what you knew would be your doom all along