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12s – don’t run كلمات اغاني


when they see me with bro
they wanna run but they run so slow
soon i’m gonna blow
and so many man know
now u know 12s n msav really got the flows
and these lot really know
now soon we gonna blow

these man move so sleepy
and it’s creepy
moving like phobee
when he got chinged he died slowly

_ [ ] they know me as a broad day chinger me and my bro like to fidget with spinners violate gang we slide round in the dingers on the opp block tryna burst these n_ggas juice gunna spill blood pour like liquor but i’m still tryna find this n_gga i’m stilll tap this trigger shoot his girlfriend and his mom if he’s with her

_ [ ] ooo block gliding samurais hiding just trybs opp on boy telly left thdn righty righty tighty just tryna push my blade straight through bellys if i see him with him then it’s murder on my mind like melly digital dash more than a rash then i’ll burn his corps in oetty or wash or bleach the machete but i’m still tryna get this coca get the pack in back flip no yoga got the green to come flames no yoda still tryna doge these snakes like cobra and my broski a well known soaker your a well known loner he got bored with he’s boys what a joker

n_ggas don’t know me
copped some new ice
all for a unknown price
all my n_ggas would ride out for me
but where ur n_ggas at
when they see msav they panic and sprint
my ting really giving me a hint
he really had murder on his mind like melly
don’t do the dash in your balenics
mums you don’t wanna test me
soon come ima be on top
some of you man are really flops
idc what you say
really just trying to see this pay
my n_ggas to psycho looking for the replay
unlike santa man dont need a sleigh
when the mandem see him we spray
gone thru so much hard times
but still outdoing all u man with these rhymes
you man claim you do crimes
but you always go home when mum says it’s dinner time
i beg you dont waste my time
cause every hour that goes it’s a pound
man don’t know about my life
so why comment
the flows i got make me move berserk
mum always told me not to over work
don’t be hurt