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12block – sections freestyle كلمات اغاني


ay tweeko mixed this you know, it sounds cold
mazza, f_ck all of the opps, free my guys

[verse 1: mazza]
grammatical error when they write bars
like i ain’t gonna sit back and pose and act all hard and do that nah
gang skrr that whip and crash that corn (spin it)
run trip up but you didn’t get far (runner)
put the dots in his mouth make man say “ahhh” (where you going)
feds saw my chetes and they all said “rah” (ha)
two straps in the whip i ain’t talking bra
run trip up but the yute held seven (oh well)
like i ain’t gotta cat man [?]
crushing up morphine down then fentanyl (in the trap)
ain’t no pig i can’t f_ck with the [?]
looked at the charges and man just read them all
bussed that case now i’m feeling incredible (buss it)
bussed that case now i’m feeling incredible

if i slap this wap bare corn garn leave
i ain’t talking fleeze man’s talking breeze (bu_bush)
west green boy garn bleed stab man’s chest make him drop on his knees
i need a bad b to come bag up the ps
but she want suck this d_ck and leave (ay f_ck it)
slow down and hold these gs
in the rizla where your friends them sleep (dead boy)
wood green are a bunch of tw_ts that don’t ride back when their friends get packed
and dv got hit with a bat and he done a homerun with his thoughts of lampz
___ are a bunch of f_gs splash i need new blood on my shank
circle the 2’s or circle the ___ flats really tryna find these cats
mad___ he already got packed and then he went heaven and linked his gang
4×4 man clap it and dash can’t get pulled or stopped that’s mad
this bad b_tch wanna come my gaff i told her “nah just hold these packs”
or “hold this strap” bang at the opps again and again or i do it in flats

[verse 2: twin]