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12 step rebels – flight 613 كلمات اغاني


shaken from a deep sleep
on a homeward bound flight
i hear the screams of a mother
as she pulls her baby in tight
unsure what is happening’
though i know that something’s not right
i look out the window
and see fire light up the night

i hear your laughter
in between all their cries
as the smoke fills the room
your scent fills me with delight
i feel your head on my shoulder
as we hold each other all night
i want you to know
that i love you as i die

i’m not coming home tonight
i’m never coming home again
but i’ll always be by your side
and i’ll wait for you until the end
until the end

i feel your tiny hands
as they wrap around me
as the plane nears the ground
that thought is so comforting
good night, sweet dreams
i love you all, always
the wind thought the trees
will be daddy whispering