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12 districts – 12d freestyle كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: lil droplets]
12 districts
trio like nirvana, “nevermind”, on some cream sh_t
brand new whip, need a license to whip it (whip it)
broke up with my ex, followed my intuition (intuition)
pursuin’ this sh_t, could care less ’bout opinions
consciously tryna execute my vision (yuh, aye)
i’m makin’ a label and brand, that’s called business
just left the 512 all for some b_tches
down in the south, we go hard in da paint
marginalized and i ain’t been the same (yuh, yuh)
don’t f_ck with lil droplets, gotta change the name
porsche is all white, yeah, ain’t got no stain (ok)
all praise to nigo, we got the same face
need to drop my album within this timeframe (wait)
’cause the money don’t last and the light unsustained
f_ck what they said, 12 districts up next
wait, look (look)
toe_to_toe with all my demons prayin’ down on me
tucked the mac and i ain’t talkin’ ’bout no submachine
so much pain in my life, need a remedy (remedy)
only time that i’ll rest: when i’m dead asleep (yuh)
one day i’m gon’ past those that’s ahead of me (yuh)
this that new sh_t, brand new century
i’m a new wave you can’t ride like suv

[verse 2: idm]
12 districts on the reign, ayy
idm on a plane, ayy
don’t wanna hear them lies, ayy
you know i’ll break yo’ spine, ayy
f_cking up my whole life, ayy
demons in my mind, ayy
f_ckers won’t let that slide, ayy
your wrist will become mine, ayy
if we meet, you’ll end up blind, ayy
cut you till you die, ayy
no one would even cry, ayy
f_ck you and all of your kind, ayy
we comin’ in with open flies, ayy
don’t even need to get high
guess i’m running out of time, say
.kashu., hit the next line, ayy

[interlude: idm]
(guess i’m running out time, ayy)
(.kashu., hit the next line, ayy)
(guess i’m running out time, ayy)
(.kashu., hit the next line, ayy)
(guess i’m running out time, ayy)
(.kashu., hit the next line, ayy)
(guess i’m running out time, ayy)
(.kashu., hit the next line, ayy)

[verse 3: .kashu. & lil droplets]
look, richard mille is the watch (watch)
yo b_tch on my c_ck, we stay with the guap (we stay with the guap)
i’m hittin’ “the mop”
i pull out the glock and you know i’mma pop (ok)
i keep that gunna on me and it’s hot
we got a sniper, make his body drop
k!ll a n_gga, leave his ass in a box
said watch out lil’ broski, you do not know me
yo b_tch be riding me just like a pony
no macaroni, your sh_t is cheesy like you is a phony
pulled up on her and you watch how she dome me
look, you think you ballin’, n_gga, “check up”
this choppa hittin’ from the neck up
iced up, n_gga, flex up
iced up, n_gga, flex up
12 districts, we the best, yuh
12 districts finna test ya
12 districts finna best ya