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10kkev, teejayx6 & kasher quon – cant keep up كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: kasher quon]
you can’t hang with me if yo fit ain’t worth 1k
best feeling ever hitting a jugg on your birthday
been hit yo b_tch she a throw back thursday
she said i can f_ck cause she like a n_gga wordplay
8 in the morning western union its the 3rd play
teejay roll up here go some woods its the 3rd 8
[?] layed back he’ll serve a n_gga 3rd way
i just made 5 i need 10 by thursday

[verse 2: teejayx6]
n_gga i get a text from b_tches every hour say i do em dirty
it was ever that i was just too focused on getting money
all my b_tches love me cause i f_ck em then i throw them something
n_ggas out here bummy got a gun but never got no money
but i got both b_tch im up 40 and i tote a 40
end a n_gga life with this chop and have his body numbing
been out of state with different plates i keep switching on em
and i just made another 10 i think they sleeping on me

[verse 3: 10kkev]
she now i spent 800 on a sweater
she see im living better now this b_tch talking bout marriage
too bad im in the streets with no time on my schedule
or else im in the p_ssy going all out aggressive
on house arrest with the tether
she get the d_ck and leave then turn around for seconds
i told her im a blessing b_tch you f_cking and i never
i’m the n_gga with the cheddar, applying all the pressure
i deserve a gold medal, i could’ve went to garry but i told myself never

[verse 4: kasher quon & teejayx6]
rather keep that 20 in a stash cause im clever (smart)
told you b_tch im busy i’ll put you on my schedule
you can take a picture in my buffies if i let you
don’t think cause you sneeze that a n_gga was gone bless you
th_th_that, thats only if i let you
new you was a strag from the first day i met you