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10cellphones – air bender كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
knock the wind out a p_ssy n_gga chest i’ma air bender
glock shoot a n_ggas d_ck off make him change genders
he don’t wanna shoot it out i can’t miss i’ma d_mn winner
big moncler on [?] like it’s d_mn winter
b_tch i’m off a perky i don’t wanna eat no d_mn dinner
smokin’ on this wood and you smokin’ on a d_mn splinter
hit his ass to h_ll with this judge i’ma d_mn sinner
n_gga tried to rob me but i shot him told him try again
they brought him back to life and i dont think he wanna die again
i can’t trust a n_gga we associates no we not friends
one day they your brother next day they gon’ cross you for some bands
two glocks on me they identical i call em’ twins
leave him in thе dirt with the sticks, leaves, and the twigs
you don’t want no smoke boy i know you sweet like a fig
b_tch i’m from the streets i’ll smoke yo ass like a cig