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1000words – mask & gloves كلمات اغاني


every bar is a motherf_cking fact (why wouldn’t it be?)

[verse 1]
i just bought a denali that costs more than a maseratti (skrrrt!)
heated seats while i drive massaging my body
cripped up every night working in the lobby
’cause with all these jewels on, it’s hard to trust anybody (facts!)
still [?] with don jobby, get sh_t straight, get cake
laughing at these rappers whose sh_t fake
those two names i mentioned on the first song of my first mixtape
and we still rocking out to this day (this day)
the new truck got a safe in it
pull out my d_ck and tell your girlfriend to put her face in it
i hustle hard ’til i hate the game
it’s all love ’til it ain’t the same, break your frame
we ain’t f_cked but she gave me brain
sit your five dollar ass down before i make some change
get a new chain, i’d probably smack you out
i moved more work than they did, i just don’t rap about it
we don’t believe that it’s true
no, i wasn’t scarface, hommie but neither was you
you’re basing your whole career for your life in one gear
move some work, i locked up and knocked out on a tear
oh yeah! it’s priceless the look on these bum faces
that talk money then i see em pulling their son’s bracelet
i made it out the bas_m_nt, made it out the mud, out the matrix
no cosigns, so they can’t face sh_t
didn’t ask for favours
never begged the nerd to put me on a playlist
and every week, we dropping different flavours
you be letting herbs help you
catch me outside where my actions speaking louder than your words do

[verse 2]