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0rcxd – imposters كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
when it comes down to it at the end of the day
emergency b_ttons ain’t gonna save you
what if the imposters just votes you out anyway
they ain’t gonna be stopped by emergency b_ttons, no noes
they can’t be stopped they’re imposters
sus and mean, sus and lean, they’re imposters

[verse 2]
i don’t know who’s the imposters
i don’t know who’s the imposters ’cause i’m really confused
they’re sus and mean and sus and lean, coming straight for me
look at those sus imposters
i don’t know who to vote, you don’t know who to vote, no don’t know who to vote
they’re big sus looking, sus, sus creatures
they’re gonna cut you in half with one swipe of their knife
they’ll rip you to shreds, ain’t nothing you can do when running from an imposters
even if you’re done with tasks, that ain’t gonna stop you
that ain’t gonna stop them
nothing can win against an imposters
they can just vent into rooms
you think they won’t instantly k!ll you
imposters are tough, imposters are sus, imposters are fun
have fun with the imposters just don’t try to vote ’em
if you do you’ll die cause they’ll vote you
that’s how it goes when you tango with an imposters
you don’t know who’s the imposters, i don’t know who’s the imposters, we don’t know who’s the imposters
the only way we can stop the imposters is if we do smarter emergency b_tton presses
nothing else can stop an imposters
i can’t stop an imposters, you can’t stop an imposters
but maybe smarter emergency b_tton presses could stop an imposters
our current ones can’t
we gotta stop the imposters
what if they sabotage, we don’t know, you don’t know
no one’s prepared