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0%mercury – rain song كلمات اغاني


t smells like the roof has burnt
and i am afraid it only start of
the fires
drought and fires
maybe you think that’s fine?
so strange when my generation
believes in infinity…

should i blame myself?
i don’t want to
always blame myself!
let it storm now!
i call for the rain!
call for the rain!

dirty, poison smoke
everywhere i look
rain is my last hope..

(let it rain now!)

i call
i call
for storm
for rain!
i don’t
i don’t
i don’t want all of my dreams to be burnt in the flame!
do you really want it?

rain is my last hope
rain is my last hope
rain is my last hope!
let it rain now!

i call for storm..
i call for rain..
i call for storm..
i call
let it rain now..