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073sincity – 1200 (intro) كلمات اغاني


n-gg-s know that we 1200 n-gg-s know we got dem racks n-gg-s know that we be drumming n-gg-s know we got them macs we gon find where the ops at we catch a op he getting attacked all these b-tches are some flats poppin n-gg-s like some flats,i be cooling smoking dope with my f-ckin plug bros catch him lacking we gon score with a f-ckin snub nose chop him up like some meat we be serving f-ckin fiends i got power like a dean we will make a murder scene

(outro) let’s get it man sincity man this dat 1200 shit fto man f-ck dese spooked -ss ops when they see me n-gg-s disappear like magic when we catch ops its tragic yeah gang