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070 shake – champions remix* كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: 070 shake]
and why you keep on asking
what if i ain’t had this?
and we just go right at it
and i tell you not to panic
cause no one understanding us
no one’s understanding us
you say i’m a champion
so they can’t even handle us

[verse 2: 070 shake]
move, i’m in a rush today
for heaven’s sake
and i just ate a bunch today
another plate
and i can’t really fly, bro
and really you should travel
and we been gettin’ high, bro
you kinda late
and really all we wanted was for me to graduate
and hang the f-cking t-ssel;
but what comes after?
welcome to the cult
tell the [?] i’m a master
i said “f-ck religion” and i mated with the pastor
my buddy [?]
– [?]
– [?]
– [?], then i has to
– [?], then i has to
– [?], then i has to

[verse 3: 070 shake]
i’m dangerous, ain’t motherf-cker taking us
oh, oh
and who’s stopping me?
they don’t say a thing right now
i’m an animal!
i cannot be tamed right now
no time for this!
don’t know why i can’t right now
i’m a champion!
[?] not too much to change right now
[?] confident
– [?]
red, blue, yellow, [?]
red, blue, yellow, which is on my team
red, blue, yellow, [?]!