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04sam – opppack! كلمات اغاني


​smntx [old name]

(hook by 04sam)
terry bradshaw i got 12 on my back
n im f_ckin yo b_tch and she l!ckin my sack
pull out a scope, he gon run like its track
but i don’t got a glock, imma pull out a mac
poppin’ these pills just to hope that i die
you is a b_tch, you go home and you cry
you textin yo b_tch while i’m between her thighs
you don’t think im high? b_tch just look at my eyes
p ull out a glock and you run
i pull out my d_ck in your b_tch looking stunned
yall should watch out because i carry guns
i gave birth to these rappers, these b_tches my sons (pow)
glock got a d_ck
n you gon get hit
im rolling up dope while im taking a sh_t
u better pipe down because u ain’t the sh_t
cuz b_tch im the sh_t

(verse from 04sam)
that boy ain’t dead but u know he can’t move
i pull out thе gl!ck n then u start to groove
i gun too b_tch what u tryna prove?
s/o to david im toting somе twins
u get hit in yo shins
u ain’t toting thats fortnite u got h_lla wins
and my glock it be coming like it johnny sins
(verse from alza!)
im that f_ckin sh_t like my name soulja
run up on my and you gon’ fold like a folder
the trap phone, i got that motorola (that motorola)
pop a hydrocodone and down it with the corona
i’m drinkin on this loco, ain’t no soda
die before i’m 20, won’t be dead and say “i told ya'”
i’m poppin’ on a capsule, then i’m actin’ like a assh0l_
livin’s too much of a hassle, throw that sh_t into a trashhole
my f_ckin’ thoughts are spontaneous, they have no purpose
ay ay!
no sir i am not done with it, (?) and my future is dark as sh_t
me and all of my (?) run up with choppers and shoot up your residence (uh)
like it was christmas we give out bullets like santa with presents did
poppin a hydro your b_tch give me head and it makin my eyes roll (uh yuh)
b_tch im a psycho, diamonds dance on my wrist like a muhf_ckin dice roll (uh, yuh)
no im not nice ho put a bullet between the all eyes of the five_o (uh)
no im not nice ho give em these bullets and watch they lives go