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04sam – gangamstyle! كلمات اغاني


(producer tag)
brick gon save this beat

(verse from 04sam)

pull up in da whip got a gl!cky in my lap
saying he hard but u know he talkin allat cap
run up on me he get ripped like a mf flap
someone tell me why u dont tote the sh_ts that u rap
yessir its smntx [former name] boutta k!ll another track
p_ssy boy be running imma shoot him in the back
got another 100k im gonna put it on my plaque
think he smoking runtz, but im serving him that crack
run up on me he a b_tch imma send him in the sky
ur girl must be asking “how is smntx [former name] so fly?”
imma tell her what i tell all the girls “b_tch bye”
then im gonna hit the gangam stylе, call me psy
pull up wit an uzi and ik ur b_tchass ran yuh
choppa wit a beam it gon hit u and ur mans yuh
shorty stole my hеart yeah u know that was a scam yuh
pull up on ur mom and eat her out just like some clam yuh
and i came from the dirt to an off white shirt
call ur chick all the time and she lifting up her skirt
call ur chick all the time and u know i insert
.44 on my waist and u know that ho squirt
imma hit im in the head
fill his body full of lead
and if he run up on me imma leave dat f_cker dead
when he see da glock, he gon run back to his bed
run up on me turn him toast like a f_cking piece of bread
(verse from finn03)
40 racks on my wrist
uzi wit extended clips
i want some new bands
mac tucked on my hip
dont need new friends
4 glizzys for da homies
zooted up got me crazy
suited up like im in the matrix
gotta learn gotta learn the basics
boy why u runnin round in asics
uh oh
boy dont fold
where u gotta go?
tec 9 boutta knock off yo cap
shot a few times look like u just shat
oh rats oh rats oh rats
in the mines and there h_lla bats