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02loaded – filthy كلمات اغاني


money comin’ in and it’s filthy
runnin’ up bands you know i got plenty
that stick on my hip i don’t toat a semi
pour up them pints i don’t f_ck with henny
just f_cked a white b_tch i think her name demi
my new b_tch a dime my old b_tch a penny
everybody hate me cuz’ they know that im servin’
my new b_tch is bad keep the glock in her birkin’
pull on your block 30s in a surburban
sippin on drank and i feel a lil nervous
push up to your trap and we shoot with a purpose
throw the work off like a 2_point conversion
i cut a p open i think i’m a surgeon
soldier kidd, hit that boy through his turban
plug callin my phone he sayin’ its urgent
how you a k!ller but your stick a virgin?
i pull up with the glock and i’m shootin’
and i stay in the field like my n_ggas recruitin’
i air the clip take it out and reuse it
and i’m uppin’ the score on my opps so they losin’
holup, ima shoot the glock with my left
scatpack better get in or get left
i’m whippin’ these p’s and i think i’m a chef
i pull up on your block with the 30 like steph
hold up, d&g runners on my feet
ar with a grip that boy thought sh_t was sweet
big xd and that b_tch tryna’ eat
if 12 spin the block then a n_gga gon’ flee