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0 hype – basement cypher كلمات اغاني


they told me just to k!ll it
i was searching for a feeling
so i thought it for a minute
then i got up and i spit it
and i put it in a written
and they saw i wasn’t kidding
and they knew i was efficient
got my vision i’m fulfilling
i’m committed to the winning
i’m addicted to the sinning
i conflict with all the women
i’m so sick that when i’m spitting
i feel like i’m afflicted
go slow for you simplists
im a
professional syllabist
surgical lyricist
spitting them synonyms
still the best in effect
still impress, k!ll the rest
finish them feeling blessed
study these words like a syllabus
still invest
time in these rhymes, collect interest
in excess, using the simplest
words i can find in my mind
and i wouldn’t test me if you’re wise
go and hide
against each other i’m pitting them
up on the rise and i might
tear up these rappers i’m sick of them
barking without any bite
acting like they tryna fight
get found with the cops ’cause your sentences slight
no sound when it drops ’cause your project too light
and i might just – ai
for a while i was nervous
knew i had a purpose, i was tryna serve it
but stuck in service like a servant to these serpents who interpret and determine what my worth is
flow so devilish don’t let me into churches
if you misheard it
listen close ’cause i’m snapping
i’m a lyrical -ss-ssin
a craftsman
a masterful savage at rapping
words like a labyrinth
attack ’til i’m collapsing
take a lap and – come back when you’re ready
i’m dropping tracks that are heavy weight
started from the back and i’m already great
f-ck with me and you’ll be tempting fate
if you want a feature, then check my rates
doing it for real what many state
keep talking
i’m walking out the door that you’re locked in
boxed in, nothing new
we be doing this often
and the sh-t we doing ain’t common
i’m calm and stay honest
going all in on it
i’m balling