benjah – too much time كلمات اغاني

babe i got too much time, lost in my head
think of all the things that i wish i woulda said

i’m about to pull up…

what i was on,,, man,,, i move too cautious
too scared to give my heart, and i drug my feet so i lost her, oh man
always think the gr*ss is much greener
but i’ve learned it’s not what it seems

now i got the blues, i didn’t know it
beneath it all i see a diamond in there glowing
took a minute but i’m learning all this slowly
an ounce of hope and my faith just keeps me going

pack your bags, and your p*ssport, we gettin on the next flight
take my hand let’s jump at the same time
tell me what u want inside your dream life
prayin that we’re only led by the light

everything i dreamed of, more than anything i needed, ur my babe
it’s been too long since i’ve seen ya, and i don’t know, no i don’t know
what to do with all this pain

/ benjah