akercocke – praise the name of satan كلمات اغاني

extract from concealment
a plethora of cacodaemons
emerge to defile me
debase me
i dare not resist
but celebrate the pain

[solo- p.s.]

drops of blood fall in time
with the beating of your heart
foctid breath whispers
are you the messiah?

lacerate the soul
dissect the ego
naked i confront
the sheer cliff face of sanity
on which i gain no purchase
attempt to climb
and make no progress
i am a blasphemy to christ
am i jesus? am i messiah?
stone statue speaks
the winter of life too cold
twisted debaser
as the winds from the
furthest reaches of belial
stir winter clouds across the moon
i hear the words of the master
for you and satan

[solo- p.s.]

/ akercocke